The best up-and-coming scientists across Australia as voted by the top companies and clients within the Scientific Sector

Kelly Scientific Resources has spent the last few months uncovering the best up-and-coming scientists across Australia as part of our Future Scientist Award!

Below you’ll find the top finalists in your state. This young talent represent the best and brightest and have all been interviewed, reference checked and passed our intense judging criteria for entry into the Future Scientist Award before presenting in front of a range of companies and clients operating in the scientific sector.

As your business evolves, the strategic impact of your talent evolves with it. Kelly Scientific Resources can help you adapt through a wide scope of workforce solutions and deliver quality professionals on demand. We are proud of the talent uncovered by the Future Scientist Award and we are very keen to share with you the best young scientific talent in Australia.

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Food Science and Technology 

  • 2017 and 2016 Dean's Honor’s List & 2014 Volunteers Award
  • Thesis researcher experience, involving prototype and analyse samples to model variables that affect texture on the production line, where they engaged with industry and academic personnel to secure resources for the project and collaborated with R&D teams to diagnose problems and develop solutions, as well as being responsible for testing and tracking 12 different variables (including texture, moisture, and rheology), designing plans for sensory evaluation panelling to evaluate acceptability, and analysing over 1000 data points to identify trends and test hypotheses
  • Technical experience analysing existing quality systems and developing methods to streamline workflows - Environment, OHS, and Supply Chain – while being responsible for mapping the farm to factory supply chain of an ingredient (quantified the proportion from sustainable sources), and working with industry bodies and local communities to collect statistics for supply chain management Quality Operations
  • Quality and product development experience analysing and developing the application of unique flavours into various food matrices
  • Lab assistant training including operating and generating reports using analytical instruments, including calibration and programming

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Environmental Biology

  • Completed tree, hollow and environmental surveys including tree species identification, hollow number, position and location, canopy and understorey density, habitat and environment observations
  • Specialising in chemical and forensic testing
  • Fast learner and hard working with good time management, communication and verbal skills
  • Experience in multiple roles, which include recovery, customer champion, fitting rooms, customer care and ticketing

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Forensic Science (Masters)

  • Experienced and competent research and problem solving skills
  • Reliable and punctual with excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team or independently
  • Double Bachelor degrees in Human Nutrition and Exercise Science

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Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry

  • Knowledge and experience with the standard suite of chemical analytical techniques including titrations, HPLC, GC, ICP-MS/ICP-OES, fluorescence spectroscopy (FS) and various electro-analytical techniques
  • Proficient in MATLAB, and VBA programming languages (in the latter case, particularly so in writing Macros)
  • Created code in Python to model the expected NMR signal observed in an emulsion of a given droplet size distribution. Analysed the resulting large quantities of data to establish clear relationships between the NMR signal and emulsion characteristics
  • Performed detailed design (including design calculations) for a Granular Activated Carbon adsorption column
  • Performed option evaluation, HAZOP, and economic evaluation of proposed design for the entire proposed plant
  • Undertook to synthesise a new complex catalyst for reductive reactions. Achieved proficiency in a variety of laboratory techniques including distillation, air sensitive chemistry and work-up procedures

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Chemical and Bionanomaterial Engineering (PhD)

  • Passionate scientist with experience in R&D, and a strong scientific approach to problem solving
  • well-organised and extremely motivated to both learn and apply new concepts and skills, working well as a part of a team and autonomously to achieve results and meet deadlines in an effective and timely manner
  • Successfully developed sensors/devices with performance improvements in 15 % as part of thesis research into electrochemical biosensors based on porous nanostructured materials
  • Developed scaling-up strategies in collaboration with SMR Technologies while performing maintenance and calibration of the electrochemical equipment, consumables stock-taking and ordering
  • Competency in fabricating and modifying the surface chemistry of nanoporous alumina membranes

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Biotechnology (Masters)

  • Highly intuitive mindset with passion for the scientific areas of pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and regulatory affairs either in the biotechnological or clinical space
  • Performed analysis of lipid interacting domains (LIDs) in the human Growth Hormone receptor (hGHR) as part of research group and investigated the Biological significance of the human growth hormone receptor (hGHR) intracellular domains (ICD’s) and its interaction with the cell membrane
  • Investigated the physical and mechanical properties of collagen from a marine source and evaluated its feasibility for use as a biomaterial
  • Experience with cloning and analysis of a luciferase reporter construct containing the target gene of MicroRNA-7, in order to experimentally validate the target gene of MicroRNA-7
  • Performed characterization of Mom (Modification of Mu phage) protein by performing assays to demonstrate the activity and purifying the protein for structural studies
  • Well developed technical skill set including statistics, cell and molecular biology, clinical research principles, manufacturing and laboratory practices, scientific communication and the MA code of conduct and guidelines

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Agriculture and Environmental Science (Masters)

  • In-depth knowledge of common insect problems and plant disease relevant to sod quality and seed, with excellent skills in collecting, analysing and interpreting data
  • Familiar with the techniques, methods, and procedures used in the chemical and physical analysis of plant life and soil
  • In-depth knowledge of plant breeding, crop editing and genetic improvement
  • Familiar with basic glasshouse operations associated with the breeding program including crossing
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to maintain and establish good working relationships with others
  • Extensive knowledge of the methods and materials used in maintenance of plants with strong analytical and planning skills and the ability to work independently

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