The best up-and-coming scientists across Australia as voted by the top companies and clients within the Scientific Sector

Kelly Scientific Resources has spent the last few months uncovering the best up-and-coming scientists across Australia as part of our Future Scientist Award!

Below you’ll find the top finalists in your state. This young talent represent the best and brightest and have all been interviewed, reference checked and passed our intense judging criteria for entry into the Future Scientist Award before presenting in front of a range of companies and clients operating in the scientific sector.

As your business evolves, the strategic impact of your talent evolves with it. Kelly Scientific Resources can help you adapt through a wide scope of workforce solutions and deliver quality professionals on demand. We are proud of the talent uncovered by the Future Scientist Award and we are very keen to share with you the best young scientific talent in Australia.

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

  • Lab experience with broad skillset, including: Pipetting solutions accurately, blood smears, loading a microscopic slide in less than a minute, ELISA, FISH, PCR, patience and focus
  • Team player with leadership training and experience leading lab teams
  • Hard worker, smart, intelligent, talkative, cheerful
  • Fluent in Tamil ( Indian), English, intermediate in French and currently learning Spanish.
  • Member of Red Party Subcommittee in 2016– raised $34,000 for Oxfam Australia
  • Passionate about the challenges that science brings and endeavor to actively utilize present world options and resources to create a better future

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Chemistry (PhD) – Environmental, Biochemical

  • Use electroanalytical techniques to study biomolecules (SENSING) as part of PhD research
  • Studied in South Korea as Graduate Research Assistant, focusing on the development and testing of bimetallic electrocatalyst for water purification
  • Experience with leading instruction and tutoring, and engaging students in chemistry through tutorials, workshops and laboratories
  • Extensive skillset including general laboratory, electrochemistry (CV, LSV, DPV, SWV, SV, CA), chromatography (TLC, HPLC, GC), Spectroscopy (UV-VIS, IR/FTIR-ATR, MS, Fluorescence), surface characterization (EDX-SEM, XPS, surface functionalization), computing and ICT.
  • Multilingual with fluency in Cebuano (native), Filipino (native), and English, as well as an semi-fluency in Korean.

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Biomedical Science (Honours), Food Science and Technology

  • Experience with conducting new product development (NPD) and R&D trials with industry, and liasing with external stakeholders as part of NPD Research Officer work
  • Engaged in oat processing, NPD trials, sensory analysis and market intel as an R&D Intern over a 5 week placement in China for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship
  • Quality control and assurance training and experience while working for some of the largest food retailers
  • Well developed hard skills including operation/maintenance of pilot scale equipment, experimental design and data analysis, wet/protein chemistry (enzyme assays, spectroscopy based assays, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, etc) and texture/sensory analysis (developed two protocols for assessing cooked and raw fish firmness)
  • Adaptable self-starter and critical thinker with the ability to work collaboratively and develop on-going relationships in both a casual and professional environment

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Biological Science, Conservation and Wildlife Biology

  • Experience in biodiversity conservation, with a skillset covering sample processing and data collection, root scanning, and soil testing
  • Broad technical skills, including research and experimental design, laboratory, data processing, report writing, sampling and field ID, basic animal handling and computer skills
  • Natural problem solver with excellent resilience and time management capabilities
  • Adaptable, reliable, passionate and resourceful

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Material Science, Chemistry (WINNER)

  • Keen scientist and innovator from a young age, with a passion for innovation of current materials technology and paving the way forward for the future
  • Research experience with CSIRO and established project groups
  • Awarded the Physical Sciences Prize and nominated for the Dean’s award
  • A myriad of experiences and skills with analytical, synthetic and instrumental techniques
  • A keen sense of safety and risk mitigation, team work, diplomacy, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking

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Biomedical Science (Masters)

  • Assistant research experience focused on the research and development of marine bioprocess technologies and bioproducts
  • Team leader experience with development, production and trade of pesticides and fine chemicals, transportation of dangerous chemicals, installation of chemical facilities, as well as leading the translation team for cooperation between sites and parent companies
  • Familiar with GC/LC-MS, DNA associated techniques, Protein structure analysis, teamwork associated research and all Microsoft Office Suite
  • Positive working attitude and focusing on the job for the best outcome - providing attention to detail, a friendly personality and the ability to quickly adapt to multiple environments

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Forensic Biology and Science (Masters)

  • Undertook Masters program at the School of Veterinary & Life Sciences, concentrating on the development of advanced research and communication skills
  • Experience as assistant Farm Manager specializing in broadacre cropping and livestock production, as well as developing and reinforcing on-farm policies and procedures, operating and maintaining heavy machinery, handling, preparing and applying agricultural and veterinary chemicals, research and development
  • 5 years of laboratory and simulated crime scene based experience has honed skills primarily pertaining to the: compilation of comprehensive and objective scientific reports; collection, packaging, labeling, storage, recording and examination of physical items and biological specimens; utilisation of complex computer software; execution of DNA analysis; use of modern chemical and instrumental analytical techniques; interpretation of dynamic information; and adherence to legislation and organisational policies and procedures
  • Efficient and organized with conscientious work ethic as well as an outstanding research and communication ability

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