Government Recruitment at Kelly

The Kelly Government team has a proven track record in recruiting for the public sector across a wide variety of projects and positions.

Our team members work exclusively within the Government sector and have in-depth knowledge of required processes. We have the flexibility and resources to staff diverse assignments


We are trusted

Kelly partners with more than 300 Government Agencies for various roles. We are a supplier to the NSW Government under the C0007 program and are approved suppliers for the Administration, Finance, Specialist, Industrial, Professional, Technical, Information Technology and Transport categories. Kelly is also on the Queensland Government SOA for Contingent Workforce.


We are thorough

We pride ourselves on sourcing talent through a wide range of mediums, in conjunction with our existing pool of superior quality candidates, to ensure we provide our clients with the best talent available.


We are flexible

We work directly with numerous Government entities to fill short and long-term posts, large and small-scale projects.

Meet the Team Leaders:


Stephen Digby LinkedIn_Icon_20x20_with_half_white_space_below.png


Stephen has over 15 years' experience working within recruitment across the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked within Government and Enterprise over the past five years and has extensive knowledge of in-house talent acquisition processes. As head of the Government team at Kelly, Stephen fosters and manages relationships with diverse Government and large corporate entities.

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Simon_Brownjohn_headshot_with_white_space_below.jpgSimon Brownjohn LinkedIn_Icon_20x20_with_half_white_space_below.png

Team Leader (NSW)

With over six years of recruitment experience in both Commercial and Government sectors, Simon has worked in Account Management, Team Lead and Project Management roles leading the NSW State Government Contract. He joined Kelly in 2016 as Team Leader to develop and build upon the organisation’s growing presence in the State, Federal and Local Government space.

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